Nevada State Prison Roleplay - Forum rules

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Nevada State Prison Roleplay - Forum rules

Post by Spydah » Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:01 pm

1. Any foreign languages are NOT allowed on the board, we only tolerate English.
Although this is allowed in Private Messaging (PM).

2. Having respect for your fellow community members is a MUST. Think about your behavior and certainly do not insult anyone you speak on this board. Nor on the public forums then in Private Messages.

3. We don't allow spam duo our database being filled with junk. Think about topics with the exact same reasons, double posts and go on. We don't tolerate this.

4. Do NOT post any kind of adult (porno-graphical) content on the whole board. This includes Private Messaging as well.

5. Do NOT post illegal content on the board, this includes Warez/ Piracy/ Viruses and copyright material. Neither on the whole board nor the PMs.

6. Do NOT encourage people to rule break. Encouraging someone to rule break is part of having respect to others. This is twice as bad as the rule breaker itself.

7. Read the individual rules for the specific category you are using. Each category has its own rules and you must abide by them.

8. Do NOT share your accounts. Sharing account on our board is NOT allowed and will get both of parties punished.

9. Do NOT advertise other communities by any possible way, such as posting videos, pictures.

10. You are not allowed to sell any board items for in real life cash. This is an extreme case so it will be dealt with as extreme.

11. You are not allowed to insult anyone over forum you will be warned and you wont be allowed to post for amount of time.

12. We do not accept any annoying avatars or signatures, a member of the Staff Team decides wether it's annoying or not. You will be notified on the first time after that you'll receive a warning and if that's not the solution an avatar or signature ban is given away.